Police Officers

In the criminal system, it is inherent that citizens, whether it is themselves or a loved one that is charged with a crime or not, have to deal with police officers. These days the news is full of stories of bad cops, police brutality, police misconduct and failed policing policies.  It paints a pretty grim picture of our society and is a legitimate issue.  Fortunately, Maine is a state with statistically few cases of police misconduct.  Most of the officers you deal with are your neighbor, your friend, someone you went to school with or someone whose kid plays soccer with your kid.  A good officer is someone who helps their community, including those who are down and out on their luck, dealing with addiction, with poverty, with mental health issues, or with other problems.  Unfortunately, not every officer is the good one.  Sometimes, even in Maine, we run into the bad cop.  Sometimes it is a bully hiding behind a badge while others its a crooked liar.  One of the biggest advantages of having a defense attorney is the help they can give in exposing the bad apples, protecting your rights, and helping punish officers who abuse their power.  It is these kinds of checks and balances that an attorney can help you with that assures that you have a fair and just trial and that you are treated by the courts fairly.
Andrew Wright
Attorney at Law
16 Union St
Suite 104
Brunswick, ME 04011

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